Emotional Intelligence & Diversity for Managers – 01/29 & 01/31/24

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Housing & Hospitality is dedicated to nurturing a positive work environment by promoting emotional intelligence across the organization. The goal is for the H&H community to build awareness, create a common language, and inspire more meaningful conversations.

The two 3-hour training sessions are specifically designed for managers & supervisors across the organization. Learning objectives include:

1. Participants will practice affirmative self-introspections when facing change and learn self-management strategies to help control, reframe, and manage adverse reactions to ambiguous and unfavorable circumstances.
2. Participants will engage in exercises to broaden their cultural perspectives and learn how to communicate across differences and handle difficult conversations.
3. Participants will identify their ideal work environment elements and practice aligning their individual needs with those of a team and organization.

Register with training@ha.ucla.edu by Wednesday, January 24th.